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This is Brian

The person you’ve been listening to on this podcast.

How’s it going?

How are you enjoying Hiatus?

I hope a lot

I’m enjoying making it for you


That’s what I am here to talk about right now.

I have a favour to ask.

I want you to help me spread the word about Hiatus

How you ask?

By doing two things:

One, tell your friends – share a link to this podcast, this episode even, on social media

Two, rate this podcast on Apple Podcasts.

That’s it. Those two things.

I enjoy making this podcast so much

That I want as many people as possible to listen

Every time I see that someone has downloaded and episode of Hiatus

It brings me joy

Joy because I know, that is one more person taking a well deserved break in their day

So I am asking for your help

Help me spread the word about Hiatus

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Already I can feel the joy spreading

And that’s because of you

Thank you

Sound and words by Brian Cauley

Music by Poddington Bear

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